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“Cup Sitters”


Cup sitters are a fun new addition to our website! We have started with a heart design since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The idea of the “cup sitter” is that the cookie perches temptingly on the rim of your cup. No serving plate required = less washing up!

“Farmyard Fun”


Meet our new Farmyard friends! We have added a new category called “Farmyard Fun” Farm themed cookies will delight kids of all ages, and the tractor is sure to be a big hit with the boys!

“I see the sea, and the sea sees me!”


New to our “Sea and Nautical” range are the sailboat and seagull cutters! These are easy shapes to ice and need only a few colours to make an effective display.  Add some of the other nautical shapes from our range and let your imagination set sail!


Back to School


After the long December holidays, it’s finally time for the littles ones to be back at school.  Add to the excitement of their first day  with some sweet and simple school themed cookies! The bright colours in this set made it really colourful, and lots of fun to make! All of the cutters used can be found in the “Art & School” section of our shop.

Wishing all of the kiddies a happy school year ahead!