Unicorns and rainbows

Create a magical platter of unicorns and rainbows with our new range of Unicorn Cookie Cutters!

They really are too sweet to eat!


Gone Fishin’

Is your Dad a real catch? Spoil him with some cute fishing themed cookies! Fill your baking “tackle box” now with our brand new fishing themed cookie cutters. You’ll be hooked!

Pamper Party!

Our new “Spa” themed cookie cutters are perfect for pamper parties or for Mother’s Day. All of the cutters are very easy to decorate, even suitable for beginner decorators. These cutters pair well with the “Lipstick, Nailpolish and Perfume bottle set.” Relax, you can create your own edible pamper party platter too! Order now!

Funny Bunny!

Introducing our new “Bunny Muzzle” cutter! This cutter is perfect for making bunny cookie pops that the kids will love! After cutting out your bunny muzzle shape, carefully insert an ice lolly stick into the dough, taking care not to alter the shape. Chill the dough shape well, then bake in the oven. Take care when decorating your biscuit that you don’t bump the stick or the biscuit may break. Enjoy your bunny, honey!

Summer Lovin’

Have a blast with our new “summer lovin” inspired cookie cutters! We have just added two new flamingo shapes, a watermelon slice, hibiscus, palm tree, pineapple and old fashioned camera. These fun shapes go well with our flip flop, sunnies and swimsuit cutters. Perfect for a pool party! Summer_Loving

Firefighting Fun


Sound the alarm! We have some fiery new cutters at Treat Boutique! Serve some cute firefighting themed cookies and set your party ablaze! You’ll be a hero!

Happily Ever After….

Add a romantic touch to a special day with some sweet wedding favors! Spoil your guests with a special biscuit treat made with love. These are also perfect for a bridal shower or anniversary celebration, we think they take the cake!